…and I’m not done yet.  Tomorrow I’ll be joining two czars of the writing blogosphere and blogging about one of my favorite banned books,  but for today, I’ll just give you all some questions to ponder, and share my new favorite button:

I'm sorry, were you trying to say something here?

Question One: Per a recent post by Nathan Bransford, do you think it is actually helpful to have the internet explode with angry responses when a wing-nut like Scroggins calls a moving YA book about rape “soft core porn”?  While I love the outpouring of support for Laurie Halse Anderson’s book Speak, the number of times I saw this referenced made the dork who said it a household name (hello, Joe the Plumber, how’s your book deal treating you?)  So should we ignore the crazies or beat them to a (verbal) pulp?  Thoughts???

Question 2: Have you ever read a book, as a kid or an adult, that made you feel so uncomfortable or bad you wish you hadn’t read it? That you in fact, wish you had censored yourself?  What book was it?  Why?  Did it give you nightmares, make you think of things you can’t get out of your head, was it just gross?

Discuss amongst yourselves…