Well, those crazy folks at YA Highway are back with another Road Trip Wednesday.  And today’s question: What movie do you wish had been a book first? Ooooooh, tough one!  I almost thought I would need to use a lifeline, but luckily inspiration struck.  (Though it was interesting how few I could think of, because 1.  I’m a loser and I never see movies, and 2. many of the movies I do see are based on books, or 3. they really don’t lend themselves to literary adaptations – hello Hangover!)

Anyway, I found one!  And it is……………Almost Famous

The best thing is, I had no intention of choosing something that was geared to YA.  And furthermore, I saw this (and luuuurved it) long before the writing-YA-bug bit my butt.  And yet, it would be such a PERFECT YA novel.  I stinking LOVE this kid, and loved his innocence, intelligence, general cluelessness…he was my kind of guy.  And Kate Hudson – well, could she be any more adorable and heartbreaking, all at once?  What a great story of true love, fake love, fame, growing up, losing innocence, and, of course, music.  It would make a great book.

As for who should write it?  Hmmm….I’m thinking one of those awesome guy authors I keep wanting to throw at people when they tell me there’s no YA for boys.  Maybe John Green or Shaun David Hutchinson (who recently wrote the incredibly cool Deathday Letter).

Anyway, what about you guys? What fave movie do you wish were a book?