I’m on the road again with YA Highway:

(remember, when they post a question on their blog and after we answer it we link back so all readers can drive around and check it out…)

Today’s question:

What fictional character would you most want to have as your neighbor?

Whhoooooo nellie, this was a hard one!  How to choose, how to choose?  Do I live next door to Green Gables and fight Diana for the honour of being Anne’s bosom friend? 

Do I bunk down near the Burrow, right down the hill from Luna Lovegood and her nutty father? Then I could hang with Fred and George (this clearly being pre-book seven) and THAT is perhaps my greatest dream of all…

Well, in my mind I can have a different answer every day of the week, so I don’t have to tie myself up in knots trying to choose if I want to roll with Percy Jackson and his awesome mom Sally, or if I’d rather hang with Will Grayson (and Will Grayson) and, of course, Tiny Cooper.

So today’s answer?  I live right next door to Lennie Walker, her amazingsauce Gram, and her uber-fabulous Uncle Big from The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. 

Even though the Walker house is full of heartbreak after the death of Lennie’s sister Bailey, the love and humor and friendship there just win me over again and again.  I’d inhale the smell of Gram’s roses, get high with Uncle Big and climb big trees with him, hang out with Toby and try to keep him from making inappropriate moves on his dead girlfriend’s sister, and of course, I’d listen to Lennie play.  Her music alone would be a great reason to hang out. (And, of course, I’d ogle good old fine-as-wine Joe Fontaine “Bat. Bat.”)

Truly, a mark of a wonderful story is when you want to crawl between the pages and be friends with the characters.  In Jandy Nelson’s book, I really wanted to get to know them all.  They were larger than life, but so loving and wonderful and flawed and funny – they are definitely my kind of people.

What about you? Who would you choose to be your neighbor?