The horror! Get it? Amity? Horror? Amityville Horror? Didn’t any of you grow up in the 70’s?


This was week two of the Divergent faction challenge, where Deb Driza fearlessly leads a bunch of other YA writers to live their lives by the value that defines the different factions of society in Veronica Roth’s uber-cool book. The faction this week was Amity. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about read about it here.

This is what the Veronica Roth says about Amity:

AMITY: 1. friendship; peaceful harmony.

2. mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, especially between nations; peace; accord.
3. cordiality
It’s not just about banjos and apple-picking. It’s about cultivating strong relationships and trying to understand each other. Oh, Amity.
Yeah right.  It’s TOTALLY all about the banjos.

This guy totally got his Amity on

So, the reality is that I sucked eggs when it came to Amity this week.  And the really sad part is that normally, I’m a total Amity babe.  We have campfires in the backyard on a regular basis! We sing John Denver and old camp songs! I jump in puddles in my wellies and keep the peace between my kids by offering a dollar to the one who can come up with the more creative and extravagant compliment for the other! We pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, tomatoes, and almost anything else we can get our mitts on. I freaking OWN Amity!
But not this week. It has rained for two weeks straight, I have some kind of epic long-term headache thing going on, the Husband has crazy work schedule so it’s like he’s on a business trip only with extra laundry that appears in the late night hours, the car is back in the shop for still more unknown problems, and I’ve been a total nimblenorf. The only banjo playing around here would look more like this.
It  has bummed me out, actually.  This is a faction I could really get into. But I guess the point is that you don’t change your faction (or your attitude, or your actions) just because you’re having a bad week. I know next week we’ll be on to a different faction. But secretly, one of these days, I’m giving Amity another shot.  I  just loves me banjo.