Well, not really. As a writer, I somewhat take umbrage with that statement. And woe to the would-be-helpful friend to suggests that to a writer who is working on her blog. Just sayin’.*

*Yes, Marshall, I’m talking to you

So this week’s Road Trip Wednesday, from that fab bunch at YA Highway: What pictures inspire your work?

When writing SWIM, the story of a Mer girl trying to reconcile her love of her life under the sea with the rules that bind her, I channeled all the incredible love I have for the ocean. The way it feels to dive under a green-gold wave and look up through the water at the sun sparkling above; the freshness and awakening that following the first swim of the year; the magical buoyancy that we humans so rarely get to experience.

To that end, I looked at a lot of photos of surfers, waves, oceans, divers, and the like.  So here they are: a few of the images that inspired SWIM:


What about you? What inspires you?