YA author and fellow New Englander Jo Knowles had a lovely writing exercise on her blog yesterday that I want to imitate. (I would have done it yesterday if I  hadn’t been felled by some hideous stomach/fever/virus thing. Misery). Anyway.

The assignment:
1) Find a photo that makes you happy

2. Make a “list poem” of the feelings, thoughts, smells, sights, tastes, etc. of the captured moment.

Bacon pops in the pan
Curling up in the morning air
The dew dampens our feet, wool socks sticking to toes
Not the best night sleep, for sure,
Tucked in the tent with wind howling around,
Still worth it
Small breaths near my face all night long.
Children, slowly waking up, change from cuddled bundles to running wild
Chasing chickens,
Chasing kittens,
Chasing dogs,
Chasing each other
While adults watch, bemused, coffee clutched in metal cups.
Baked beans bubble over
Causing a small commotion,
But the Firemaster has it under control before the beans are lost.
Bacon from the farm,
Potatoes from the farm,
Eggs from the farm, and
Soon enough, the farmers themselves, up for hours before us lazy visitors,
Are there to say good morning.
Pajamas fly loud and proud, matched with
Woolly sweaters, fleeces, and wellington boots;
We are clearly rookies at this early morning farm life.
Suddenly, over the hill of the fields, blazing:
The sun! So bright that the dew
Disappears in an instant.
And suddenly, the woolsockshatsstweatersboots are all too much.
It is warm
And the day has begun.
A hymn to breakfast, a cheers (hot chocolate and coffee and tea) to the cook
An attempt to corral the running children,
Bacon eaten while passing by
A bite of egg
On the next go round.
The air is a perfume of hay, bacon grease, coffee, and sunshine
All who smell it
Enjoy the perfect morning.

3. Share on your blog and link here or back to Jo’s blog so we can all enjoy.