It’s been a while, but I’m back on the road with with YA Highway gang. Today’s question: What supporting character deserves his or her own starring role?


*blink blink*
I know, right? There are literally hundreds of stories I want to hear, stories that are hinted at but never told. For most highwayers, the answer lies in the pages of Harry Potter. And goodness knows there could be endless stories written about Draco, about Snape, or of course, my fave, Neville

And yes, there is always my burning desire for more Fred and George. Before.  *ahem. wipes tear.*

But…what OTHER books?

Well, although it would break my heart, Rue, from The Hunger Games. I want to know more about her district, her song, her family. And yes, I know it would just about kill me. But I was curious.


And…I want to know SO many of the characters in The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. After all, I even want to move in next door to them.  I want to know more about Joe (Bat. Bat) and Gram. But mostly, I want to know more about Big. He’s her uncle, he hangs out in trees, he gets high a lot, he’s kind of amazing.  I want to hear about him.




And finally, because I just finished reading the GREGOR THE OVERLANDER series by Suzanne Collins (and if you haven’t read them OMG go go go and read them!) and there are so many there I want to know more about: Hammet, the warrior who fled his kingdom to live in danger because he swore he “would do no more harm”; Ripred, the rat whose cunning and – yes – wisdom masks such sadness; Luxa, the young queen whose arrogance, bravery, and sadness are unending…the list goes on and on.

So clearly, a note to Suzanne Collins: Start writing those spin-off books! I’m waiting!



What about you? What supporting actors do you think deserve a starring role?