This is a fun road trip that the YA Highway folk have dreamed up (even if I wish I were traveling by jet pack. When are they coming? Seriously!)

Today’s topic: What writing superpowers do you have? And what’s your kryptonite?

Well that’s easy. My superpower is the same as many other writers, and it’s probably the most common and least regarded power in the world:


Leaving aside that these kids scare the heck out of me (sweater vest? Exploding heads? WTH??) I do feel that this is how my brain works. There is a LOT of wild and wooly stuff going on in there. Mermaids, girls who climb Everest, boys who happen to be around when the world is starting to crumble, societies where the only way to keep information is to imprison young women…these all roll around my head.

So, yeah. Imagination is my superpower. Give me a cape and a pair of shiny tights and I can save the world.

Now…my kryptonite?

That’s easy too.

I procrastinate like it’s my job.

Yes. Yes, I do. I can spend more time thinking my wonderful ideas and then folding laundry, doing paid work, calling the Sister, and generally running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and, shockingly, nothing gets written.

What I really need is Wonder Woman to nail my butt to a chair and stand over me with her lasso threatening to kill me if I get up.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough imagination to picture her there. So I think I’ll get up and grab a fresh cup of coffee before I get to work…