You Only Hurt the Ones You Love

Okay, this one requires some explanation.

It might not look like an obvious item to generate waves of gratitude; a marked up document with lots and lots and lots of comments (read: problems).

But I have found–through the miracle of the internet–an incredible group of writers who take the time to not only make these comments on my works-in-progress, but to also cheer me up when I am utterly negative about the writing process, kick my ass when I’m not getting anything done, and generally act as invaluable partners in this nutty world inside my head.

The weirdest part? I’ve yet to meet any of them in person. But I have no doubt that someday I will.

But today, I am incredibly grateful for the wisdom and talent of Alina, Kate, and Helene (not to mention the amazing women on my super sektrit writing lair…I could tell you about it – but then I’d have to kill you!) who make this wonderful and wild journey a lot less lonely.

Thanks you guys.