Not blogging much, that’s for sure. But while WordPress has FAILED me miserably by eating the new page I was trying to create, I will share a fun place where I have been wasting a lot of time (and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of you over there *sideye*)

PINTEREST: The timesuck of 2012

Why is it so fun? Well, it’s an online bulletin board that I use to pin images and photos that evoke the book I’m working on. As someone who works almost exclusively in words, finding visual representation is both fun and challenging. And yes, I’ll admit it, distracting and a total time suck. But it’s research, so it’s allowed.

Below is the board for swim (you find find it here)

And here‘s the one for THE DANGEROUS SCHOOL, CLASS OF 2030:

What about you? Do you use Pinterest? Recipes? Crafts? Cute fluffy animals? What?