Four boys, three pets, two dads, and a brand new school year: they’re hoping for the best one yet. But twelve-year-old Sam’s chance at the school play might cost him his soccer dreams; ten-year-old Jax finds that upper elementary is turning his best friend into a moron; nine-year-old Eli’s dream of attending smart-kid school is turning into a nightmare; and six-year-old Frog’s kindergarten year starts out with a new best friend who nobody believes is real.

And when Jax has to get the phenomenally grouchy neighbor to help him with a school project, the shenanigans get even worse. As they each find their way through the perils of the year the Furnivals learn that in life, as in school, the good and the bad can get awfully mixed up.

STATUS: Agent Amazing Marietta Zacker has SOLD it to Editor Amazing Michelle Poploff of Delacorte/Random House for publication Fall 2014! WOOOOOOOOT!


Rose and Tate are best friend and climbing partners. But when a bad fall chases all dreams of Everest out of Tate’s mind, Rose needs to decide whose dream she is following, and whether a promise is worth dying for. STATUS: 51,000 words in and climbing. Get it? Climbing? #Icrackmyselfup


Cindia wants a fellowship the study art in Paris for the year. Her mother wants her to go to NYU. Her evil stepfather just wants her to stop disturbing the lifestyle he’s enjoying. And Matt Crispin, art world wunderkind and rock star, wants to know what she’s doing later that night. In order to stay in Paris art student and daughter of a power-lawyer, Cindia Darling has to defy her evil (or at least seriously gross) stepfather and figure out a way to earn her own living in this very loose retelling of Cinderella. STATUS: drafting


It’s 2036, Hill Grayson’s freshman year, and after everything that’s happened to his family, he needs a change. His new school, The Outdoor Academy of Maine, might be called the Dangerous School by the students, but for Hill making fires and building shelters is a lot better than facing reality. The work keeps him too exhausted to think about what he’s lost. And at least they’re far removed from the news of the droughts, floods, and other weather atrocities tearing up the world.

But when Hill nearly dies in the woods near school, he pushes the founders to tell him just what the heck they’re all doing there playing survival games. The answer is more than Hill expects. He realizes that no matter how much he has already lost, there is much more at risk. Suddenly, school is no longer a haven from the real world. And when his friends desperately need his help, Hill must decide what dangers he is willing to face, and what he can bear to risk. STATUS: On draft 50 (okay, maybe 6). Mulling it over.

Shiny New Idea #1: YA contemp with cool behind-the-scenes restaurant drama, dating angst, townie angst, and cobblestones. And maybe lifeguards.

Shiny New Idea #2: Oh-so-cool urban fantasy about memory, progress, and slavery.  It’s going to be so awesome. When I write it. Sometime in 2015. Sigh…